The 2019 IEEE and MFESTS Engineering Week Banquet in the Twin Cities

The IEEE Twin Cities Section and MFESTS (Minnesota Federation of Engineering, Science and Technology Societies) is having their annual banquet this Saturday, Feb 23rd in St. Paul at 5:30 pm. You should come!

Imagine saying to your significant other tonight:

“I want to dress up like a suave gentleman / sophisticated lady and bring you to an event at the beautiful James B. Woulfe Alumni Hall on the St. Thomas Campus. Where we will eat a first class meal while listening to a local keynote speaker and entrepreneur Phil Magney speak on the topic of autonomous cars. We’ll witness Minnesota engineers and scientists getting honored for their work with awards such as the prestigious MFESTS Distinguished Engineer. We’d be surrounded by the best and brightest in Minnesota from all the engineering disciplines who keep our local economy strong - what a great place to meet people doing good on so many levels! And … I hear there will be flying shark and fish dirigibles we can play with!”

I’m serving as the IEEE Twin Cities Section Chair for 2019. I'll be the co-master-of-ceremonies of the event for the second time this year. I’ve been to a number of these joint Engineering Week Banquets. From learning about US Bank Stadium last year from John Farstad CTO of US Bank Stadium. To Prof. Paul Imbertson from the UMN delivering a keynote a few years ago talking about mentorship and legacy that really touched me. There are few places where engineers meet, and even fewer where distinguished engineers from different engineering disciplines meet. An event like this is a great place to be a part of the engineering community.

This is a great event and you should go. Tickets are on sale now and we want to sell the event out! We are getting so close.

Purchase your tickets here by clicking on “External Registration” to get them through eventbrite.

See you there!

James B. Woulfe Alumni Hall on the St. Thomas Campus

James B. Woulfe Alumni Hall on the St. Thomas Campus